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Turn-key production and marketing service for the future media icon in you.


Our team will analyze the best media types and content that matches your goals. We are platform agnostic – our goal is to increase your returns!


Production involves bringing our vision for your media moves into the world by means of writing copy, producing multimedia content, and helping you adapt to better document your world and the world you want to create for your target customer.


Because the new world revolves around new media, we will taget the platforms most appropriate for your customers and goals and get eyeballs on your media. This is the final and key step required to escalate you to ‘stardom’ – i.e. the way you leverage new media to reach your goals.

Media Mogul Start-up Kit: Why become a media star?

The only way to grow your business and personal brand is to win the game of attention arbitrage.

Cell phones are no longer simply devices to make calls while away from the home or office. They have already become a digital leash and virtual reality generator that the vast majority of your customers and target demographic groups consist of. Do you think this trend will reverse any time soon? Neither do we. If anything, the trend will continue in a non-linear fashion, until one day we will likely find ourselves treating the personal communicator (aka – cell phone) as the de facto augmented/virtual reality device that is driving our lives. This is simply the reality we live in, one we must adjust to in order to succeed.


How do we make you a star?

Audio, video, and other visual channels are our specialty. Viral real-world events are the final nail in the story that is your rise to a new level of fame.


Do you have a product to sell?  Are you selling yourself as an authority on a subject? Are you the future Gary Vee? Are you heading into politics? Etc….these are the key questions to start with.


How are we going to reach your goals for you? Viral videos on YouTube with calls to action to purchase more widgets? Tell people to vote for you in the next local or national election? Present your case to combat negative public opinion?


We may document your life, or we may produce scripted content to deliver your message, or we may hit the podcast, vlog, and blog circuits. Either way – this requires production – boots on the ground, carrying cameras and microphones. We may have someone shadowing you in daily life, this is part of the planning that will take place.


Website, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Periscope – these are the platforms that are typically used to reach the masses. We may also co-opt ‘old media’ to carry the message – everything has a cost and we will work with your budget on this. Again – our goals are to reach yours – we will make it happen for you.

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